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Resources and Links Pro­vides free infor­ma­tion about Alzheimer’s dis­ease com­piled by the
U.S. Depart­ment of Health & Human Ser­vices includ­ing treat­ment options, Medicare cov­er­age, and refer­rals to local com­mu­ni­ty resources. 1–877-696‑6775

Alzheimer’s and relat­ed Demen­tias Edu­ca­tion and Refer­ral Cen­ter (ADEAR).Pro­vides cur­rent Alzheimer’s dis­ease infor­ma­tion and resources from the Nation­al Insti­tute on Aging. Offers infor­ma­tion for peo­ple with Alzheimer’s dis­ease, their fam­i­lies, and pro­fes­sion­als, includ­ing infor­ma­tion on clin­i­cal tri­als.

Amer­i­can Acad­e­my of Neu­rol­o­gy. Pro­vides a Find a Neu­rol­o­gist ser­vice by sub­spe­cial­ty, name, or area. 1–800-879‑1960

Ben­e­fitsCheck­Up. Ser­vice of the Nation­al Coun­cil on Aging (NCOA) that helps peo­ple to under­stand ben­e­fits avail­able from fed­er­al, state, and local pro­grams.

Cen­ter for Medicare and Med­ic­aid Ser­vices (CMS), U.S. Depart­ment of Health & Human Ser­vices. Pro­vides the lat­est infor­ma­tion and resources on gov­ern­ment- spon­sored health pro­grams, includ­ing:
Medicare, which is a fed­er­al pro­gram that pro­vides some cov­er­age for peo­ple who meet cer­tain qual­i­fi­ca­tions. Alzheimer’s dis­ease is not list­ed as a spe­cif­ic con­di­tion cov­ered, but many aspects of treat­ment may be cov­ered.
Med­ic­aid pro­grams, which are run by indi­vid­ual states. CMS at 1–800-633‑4227

Demen­tia Friend­ly Amer­i­ca. A nation­al col­lab­o­ra­tive to fos­ter com­mu­ni­ties that are equipped to sup­port peo­ple with demen­tia and their care­givers by becom­ing “demen­tia friend­ly.”

Leadin­gAge. Pro­vides a search­able data­base of aging ser­vices, includ­ing assist­ed liv­ing, nurs­ing care, and home meal deliv­ery. 202–783-2242

Meals on Wheels Asso­ci­a­tion of Amer­i­ca. Pro­vides infor­ma­tion on local meal deliv­ery and group meal loca­tions for seniors.

Nation­al Adult Day Ser­vices Asso­ci­a­tion. Pro­vides a search­able data­base of adult day ser­vices in your area. 1–877-745‑1440

Nation­al Cen­ter for Assist­ed Liv­ing. Rep­re­sents long-term care providers; con­tains infor­ma­tion for con­sumers on assist­ed liv­ing. 202–842-4444

Nation­al Insti­tute of Neu­ro­log­i­cal Dis­or­ders and Stroke, Nation­al Insti­tutes of Health. Pro­vides gen­er­al infor­ma­tion on Alzheimer’s dis­ease web­sites and offers pub­li­ca­tions on its Alzheimer’s page. 1–800-352‑9424

Social Secu­ri­ty Admin­is­tra­tion (SSA). Pro­vides finan­cial ben­e­fits to qual­i­fied indi­vid­u­als.

Legal and Financial Assistance

Nation­al Cen­ter on Elder Abuse. Serves as a nation­al resource cen­ter ded­i­cat­ed to the pre­ven­tion of elder mis­treat­ment, address­ing top­ics such as assist­ed liv­ing and finan­cial exploita­tion. 1–855-500‑3537

Nation­al Hos­pice and Pal­lia­tive Care Orga­ni­za­tion. Pro­vides free resources to help peo­ple make deci­sions about end-of-life care and ser­vices before a cri­sis. Top­ics include advanced direc­tives, and hos­pice and pal­lia­tive care, among oth­ers.
Mul­ti­lin­gual helpline: 1–877-658‑8896

Nation­al Long-Term Care Ombuds­man Resource Cen­ter. Click “Locate an Ombuds­man” to find a pro­fes­sion­al to serve as an advo­cate as you deal with deci­sions con­cern­ing long-term care for your loved one.

Trans­porta­tion Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion (TSA) Cares. Assists trav­el­ers with med­ical con­di­tions, such as Alzheimer’s dis­ease, as they pre­pare for trav­el pri­or to get­ting to the air­port. Pro­vides answers to ques­tions about screen­ing poli­cies, pro­ce­dures, and what to expect at the secu­ri­ty check­point. 1–855-787‑2227

Vet­er­ans Ben­e­fit Pro­grams. Those who served in the armed ser­vices may qual­i­fy for cer­tain Vet­er­ans Admin­is­tra­tion pro­gram ben­e­fits.
To find out what ser­vices are cov­ered by Medicare, Med­ic­aid, Social Secu­ri­ty, or Vet­er­ans pro­grams, vis­it

Or call:
CMS at 1–800-633‑4227,
SSA at 1–800-772‑1213,
Vet­er­ans Ben­e­fits at 1–800-827‑1000

Products and Services

AngelSense. The AngelSense solu­tion pro­vides care­givers a com­pre­hen­sive view of their loved one’s activ­i­ties, com­ings and goings. 1–888-999‑2023

The Alzheimer’s Store. Prod­ucts for peo­ple with Alzheimer’s dis­ease and for those car­ing for them. 1–800-752‑3238

Home Instead Senior Care. Some of the ser­vices offered include: per­son­al care, hos­pice care, and mem­o­ry care train­ing in col­lab­o­ra­tion with experts on Alzheimer’s dis­ease and demen­tia. While the tasks of each ser­vice might dif­fer, the goal for all types of care remains the same: enhanc­ing the lives of seniors and their fam­i­lies.

Med­icAlert Foun­da­tion Inter­na­tion­al. Offers emblems and chains engraved with the person’s mem­ber­ship num­ber, pri­ma­ry med­ical con­di­tions, and the toll-free 24-hour Emer­gency Response Cen­ter num­ber. Med­icAlert allows the per­son to be iden­ti­fied, and can relay key med­ical facts and noti­fy fam­i­ly con­tacts. 1–800-432‑5378

Project Life­saver. The pro­gram is com­prised of com­po­nents specif­i­cal­ly designed to pro­tect “at risk” indi­vid­u­als and offers wear­able locat­ing tech­nol­o­gy.

What People Are Saying

InX­ite has the right approach for how to best use tech­nol­o­gy to help improve out­comes. The abil­i­ty to lever­age pre­dic­tive analytics—similar to what is used today in detect­ing behav­ioral pat­terns and fraud—and apply it to help point health­care providers in the right direc­tion is of sig­nif­i­cant val­ue.

Exec­u­tive Vice Pres­i­dent Of Nation­al Health­care Asso­ci­a­tion

With so much atten­tion today on HIEs and EHRs, it is refresh­ing to see InXite’s prac­ti­cal approach for get­ting me and my care group the rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion that we need to improve the qual­i­ty of care and out­comes of our patients.

Care Coor­di­na­tor

inX­ite has shown great care to my moth­er. Her reg­u­lar appoint­ments and med­ica­tions are so much eas­i­er to man­age. The care team has giv­en my moth­er the con­trol and under­stand­ing she needs, allow­ing her to have peace of mind.


The nav­i­ga­tors who have been assigned to my son’s care have been pro­fes­sion­al, respect­ful, and kind to both our son and fam­i­ly. Sched­ul­ing has nev­er been eas­i­er. We can always expect some­one on time, mak­ing life less chal­leng­ing for a work­ing fam­i­ly.


I don’t have the words to ade­quate­ly express the appre­ci­a­tion I have for all of you. Thanks to the pro­fes­sion­al, com­pas­sion­ate car­ing of every­one in your orga­ni­za­tion, my father was able to find the care the best suit­ed to his needs. Do not for a minute dimin­ish the role you all play in the peo­ples’ lives. You are all a bless­ing.


I am pleased to say how well I have been served by InX­ite over the past year in the care of my dis­abled hus­band. I can eas­i­ly rec­om­mend the ser­vice, because this tru­ly is a per­son­al ser­vice.